Kim Conrad
  "Change Your Words, Change Your Life"

From a few of my readers and listeners:


This material actually "transmits."  I've never seen anything quite like it.
- Glenna Crooks, President & CEO Strategic Health Policy International, Inc.

You are a beautiful woman who had many brilliant things to say.
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Co-Creator’s Convergence, Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado

Kim's words are for people who haven't found their voice yet.
- Marilyn Bernstein, President Healthy Fairs Colorado

You are a master. Your higher vibration translates the feelings of the Universe into words and transformation occurs. It is the combination of the words and the ways you put them together that bring us into a different dimension for us to feel the words and the meanings they convey.

   - Debra & Master Chunyi Lin – founder, Spring Forest Qigong

...poetic travel guides for the soul. Kim's voice is deep and inspiring, both on the page and on stage!

   - Lynn Grasberg, Author Bounce Back! The New Play Ethic at Work


Dr. Suess has grown up!

   - Words spoken by many Soul Fully You readers.


What an inspiring win. How beautiful. Congratulations.  I am smiling.

   - Judith Anderson, Author "The Path to Corporate Nirvana" Founder Anderson & Rust


It is clear you have come to know the truth of the ages, and are one that will help heal the Age of Humanity.  May your life continue on its great expansion.  I know what you do will be ever more to the benefit of us all, as your sharing of your work in this gallery is now.

   - A.E., Colorado, Fellow Participant in the Gallery Exhibit to Benefit COVA, Colorado


The beauty and harmony of the images in your poems are lyrical and uplifting.  You've created a fabulous experience of a free soul at play and invited us all to join in.  Thank you!

   - Reverend Shirley Rawson, "A Gentle Healing of the Spirit"


I promised I would write after I read your book of poems. I was so very impressed with your work...but you are after all old soul!!!  The realization of oneness with you and the Father are profound and clear to me.  Your beautiful healing consciousness is a joy to behold, it is wonderful that you are so willing to share it.  I will remain in touch with you and will be ordering some of your books to give to some people that I know.  I am so pleased that we met and wish you well on your spiritual journey.

   - Herbert Tobin, President and CEO, the Ben Tobin Companies, Ltd., Inc.


Anytime I open this book it speaks to me. I open it often and it ignites the divine spark to keep me going.
   - Ernie Stenquist, Founder, Support Systems Group

I was left speechless, basking fully in the field of Love Itself, having been in the experience of Kim Conrad's delivery of Being For.  Kim truly blesses us with Presence through the power of word, voice, and intention.  "Vice Versa Verse" shall find its way into every classroom--a classic for a humanity ready to realize infinite possibilities and potentials."

   - Kimberly A. Smith, M.A. Ed, Author of ReMINDing Education & Teach BE-Cause

Thank you so much for the gift of your poem ‘Unintended Heroes’.  I appreciate hearing from you and your dedication to spreading the teachings of self-love.
   - Louise Hay, Founder, Hay House Publishing