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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Enter a world of mastery with Sacred Life Living to access your innate intelligence and realize your unknown possibilities."
- Dame Kim Conrad


If your company or organization is seeking to enhance communication and collaboration among your teams and experience the results possible through Sacred Life Living’s leading edge approaches we invite you to schedule a keynote or training session with our founder, Dame Kim Conrad. Kim first consults with her clients to address their needs and goals then delivers an interactive, uplifting and powerful message that calls people to action.

Kim also confers with individuals to provide direction and guidance to help them reimagine their path and achieve their goals. As a coach, she inspires and empowers her clients to accept the value they bring to this world. In so doing she helps them rebuild their lives, repurpose their mojo and realize their possibilities.



Sacred Life Living™ Programs

Sacred Life Living is about engaging individuals to elicit their full potential and generate tangible results in their personal and professional lives. We offer a unique, transformative approach that empowers individuals and teams to not only reimagine, but recreate their lives with greater success. Sacred Life Living optimizes their trainings with a strategic blend of science, language, business and conscious integration systems.



Kim Conrad, center, with attendees from one of her presentations at the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, India

Participants will experience an introductory sampling of the practices and principles of Sacred Life Living.  This interactive session introduces methods that help to reduce stress, enhance confidence, facilitate decision making and increase a sense of fulfillment in life. As participants continue into the more comprehensive Sacred Life Living programs they gain a greater understanding of what our founder refers to as “The Sacred Effect™”.  Your small investment for this orientation session can be applied toward enrollment in Sacred Life Living’s Level 1 programs.

Some praise for Sacred Life Living:
“I am continually amazed at how practical, simple and life-enhancing Sacred Life Living’s practices can be! They have changed my life in profound and fundamental ways. I am so much happier; life is so much less work; I have better relationships, more energy and greater results in every area of my life.”


LEVEL 1 Programs

These two day foundational seminars are structured for both personal and corporate trainings with a strategic blend of science, language, business and conscious integration systems. They introduce the basic platforms and principles of Sacred Life Living that are designed to empower individuals and teams to not only reimagine, but recreate their personal and professional lives with greater success. Choose Personal Training for yourself, with friends, or as a couple. Choose Corporate Training for your group or organization.

Level 1 - Personal Training
O.N.E. (Open Natural Evolution)

In this two day seminar participants will come to understand and experience the life-changing principles and practices of Sacred Life Living.
Participants create value and benefit in both their personal and professional lives. They will have the opportunity in the four follow up group webinars to hone the skills learned in O.N.E. and increase the impact in their lives. Consistent practice of these new approaches, developed over decades of research and practical application, has proven to bring about tangible results such as: better relationships, better health, greater confidence and financial abundance, more ease, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction with life.

“Sacred Life Living practices are the most simple and life-enhancing I’ve ever experienced! And it’s Fun! I’ve had profound changes in my relationships, my business, and my health; in all areas of my life. Whether you’re new to things like this or you’ve done a lot of study – it’ll be one of the most powerful things you’ve ever done for yourself and your life.”
– Nanci Van Fleet – Business Owner, Social Entrepreneur

Level 1 - Corporate Training
C.A.R.E. (Corporate Achievement Reimagined with Ease)

C.A.R.E. is a program designed for non-profit and for profit organizations that seek to foster team building through improved collaboration and communication which leads to increased production and profits. In this two day seminar, which can be customized to a company’s specific needs, participants will come to understand and experience the inspiring principles and practices of Sacred Life Living. Consistent application of these new approaches, developed over decades of research, has proven to bring about tangible results such as: better interpersonal relationships, more productive collaboration, enhanced leadership capabilities, and success in reaching goals.
To Enroll Your Company or Organization Contact Kim to customize a program to suit your needs and optimize your results.

“Sacred Life Living’s trainings have helped me connect with my customers better and increased my ability to listen more closely. I am much calmer with the ups and downs of business and life. I’m not sure how to explain it except to say that since I’ve been utilizing Sacred Life Living’s practices for the last 10 months our sales have actually increased 100 fold from $4,000 to $400,000 per month and growing*. Thank you for the opportunity to continue this fabulous work!”
– Ken Swartz, Business Owner
* Results are not guaranteed and vary with each participant.


L.E.A.D. (Lead – Empower – Achieve – Deliver)

Registration prerequisite is completion of the O.N.E. or C.A.R.E. program.

This 5 day intensive on-site training builds on the fundamental skills and practices learned and developed in Level 1. The L.E.A.D. program takes participants to a more advanced degree of leadership in their business and personal lives. Graduates are emboldened to realize their personal goals and the goals of their organization.
Dates to Enroll Coming Soon!

“I am a more effective leader and have a better attitude towards work and my life as a whole. I have become more aware that I have choices, and am not so quick to react, resulting in less impulsive decisions. The trainings have enabled me to be more present instead of being entangled in the past and I am now a more forward thinking person.  By changing my self-talk and being more vigilant with the language I use my work day is improved and my team is more energized and productive.”
– Chris B., Registered Nurse

The Mastery Program with Kim Conrad, Founder

Registration prerequisite is completion of the Level 2 – L.E.A.D. program.

This 1-Year mastery program is for those truly committed to making a significant impact in the legacy of their own lives and in the world. When accepted into the mastery program, the candidate engages in a yearlong series of in-depth trainings where they come to realize their success and recognize the positive scope of their contributions. Graduates of the mastery program are comfortably prepared to serve in leadership roles within their organizations, communities and personal lives.
Dates to Enroll Coming Soon!

“If you are considering entering The Mastery Program with Sacred Life Living, I heartily encourage you to give your mind a rest and simply take that significant step. You will be prodded by keen insights until you discover more of what drives and ignites your ability to live your dreams and make a greater impact in the world. It’s a whole experience where you can go through synchronity, synergy and end up at synthesis. The Mastery Program is vibrant, restorative, freeing and an endorphin rush.”
– Sherry Cole, President, Grand Valley Interfaith Network; Trustee, Global Heart Spiritual Center


Our Community Says

“You are a beautiful woman who had many brilliant things to say.”
- Barbara Marx Hubbard, Co-Creator's Convergence, Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado

“Kim Conrad is a gift! She brings a commitment to her work that allows for results that leave the participant satisfied and the observer amazed.”
- Michael Donahue- Co-Founder,

 “Super powerful! The ripple effect has influenced my relationships, my business and my purpose!”
- Genevieve Boast, International speaker and coach

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Experience an introductory session, or dive into our Level 1 Personal Training for individuals and couples or Level 1 Corporate Training for profit and non-profit organizations. You may also choose to have our programs customized to your company’s needs.
Sacred Life Living’s multi-level trainings are designed to build on each other creating a powerful platform to experience greater confidence and exponential results in lifestyle, fulfillment and wealth with uncommon ease.
Realize Your Possibilities by Enrolling Now.