Kim Conrad
  "Change Your Words, Change Your Life"

Kim Conrad

  •     Multi-Entrepreneur – Consultant
  •     Personal Development Master Trainer
  •     Multi Award Winning Author       
  •     Founder of Sacred Life Living™, LLC

Kim is an internationally known global leader, consultant, corporate speaker and engaging facilitator. Her extensive revolutionary trainings embrace both knowledge and experiential based teaching styles. Her mastery of language makes learning fun and opens participant’s minds to embrace the conscious integration of their lives and their purpose. When she combines her 30+ years as a successful entrepreneur, with her conscious integration systems, participants and companies are able to co-create out-of-the-box prosperity with tangible results in lifestyle and fulfillment.

Kim is a contributing author to one of Chicken Soup for the Soul's best sellers, "Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries".  She is the quintessential example of going from tragedy to triumph and is an inspiration to all who know her story.  Her latest award-winning book "Vice Versa Verse - Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul", has been called "refreshing, profound and engaging."

Kim has been called a "pioneer of language" and her voice a "healing medicine" "reminiscent of Maya Angelou."  She has shared the stage as an expert speaker along with many other recognized global leaders in their industry at various events including:

  •     The International Global Healing Conference in Bali with Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  •     The National Peace Alliance Conference in Washington, DC
  •     The United Nations International Day of Peace celebrations at the
        Colorado State Capitol
  •     The Women's Economic Forum in India where Kim was honored to receive the
        "Iconic Leader Empowering Co-Creation" award.

Co-Presenters Desmond Tutu and Dame Kim Conrad at the
Institute of Noetic Science's Global Healing Conference in Bali

Her performance experience spans a wide range of playwrights and TV shows including a nomination for the prestigious Robbie Award along with Jean Stapleton.  Her artistic life's work is part of the archives at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

Kim's long-term service as a core facilitator with the BoldLeaders' programs has help youth leaders proactively step into their powerful voices and make a difference in this world from Colorado to Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, the Caribbean and beyond.  As BoldLeaders' founder Michael Donahue has said, "Kim is an extraordinary facilitator.  She brings a commitment to her work that allows for results that leave the participant satisfied and the observer amazed."

In 2007 her artistic life's work in writing, performance, jewelry and photography was accepted to be part of the archives at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.

In 2018, the special honor of knighthood was bestowed upon Dame Kim Conrad by the Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitallers of St. John, now known as The Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory (OOSJ).  This is the oldest historical charitable order to serve humanity, regardless of caste, creed, or ability to pay.

Her professional background includes:

  •     Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica
  •     Certificate in Management from the University of Southern California
  •     Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Washington
  •     Reiki mastership
  •     Psychological Kinesiology Advanced Certification
  •     Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer with Mike Dooley

Kim's vast knowledge has led her to be a leader in many fields, from self-mastery; to living a balanced, more productive and fulfilling life; to being a difference maker of magnitude in your own home or on the world stage.  As a result she founded Sacred Life Living in 2017 to ignite participants' innate capacity, gifts and calling to contribute to this changing world.


 "Being brave enough to be ourselves
 we become someone else's unintended hero.
And, in so doing, we become our own."
- Dame Kim Conrad


Dame Kim Conrad presenting at the Institute of Noetic Science's
Global Healing Conference in Bali



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