Kim Conrad
  "Change Your Words, Change Your Life"

               Help Kim Recover from Brain, Neck and Hip Injuries
                                                                                     Goal is $50,000

                                   Jonathan Mead is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Kim Conrad



KIM URGENTLY NEEDS OUR HELP! LET'S DO WHAT WE CAN! She has spent over 1 million dollars to help her recover from brain, neck and hip injuries resulting from a serious car accident. The treatments that help Kim, such as stem cells and neurofeedback, are not covered by insurance. She is her own sole support. She no longer has any retirement or savings left to spend. Kim has made progress, but needs your help to be able to run her business effectively and make a greater difference in this world once again.  

Kim's sensory challenges from her head injury: “One of the greatest challenges has been and still is my extreme sensory sensitivity. For years now, I have spent all waking hours wearing sound reducing ear filters plus noise-cancelling headphones and dark sunglasses as needed to compensate for my sensory sensitivities. It's 2019, the accident was in 2007, and I still can't wear most of my clothes because my brain is not yet able to process the feeling of my clothes on my skin... In the beginning I could not process any amount of visual input, sound, movement, touch, or vibration. The only place that my nervous system would begin to relax was in a completely dark and silent room, a controlled environment hard to come by in this noisy, bustling world. The sounds of the heat coming on in the house, the flushing of a toilet, were nerve-wracking. Water running from the faucet into the metal kitchen sink was like thunder pounding in my head. I would shut the water off and lie down on the floor in tremors allowing my body and brain to reintegrate enough for the tremors to subside. I would rest there on the kitchen floor until I felt well enough to make my way to my bed, crawl into the haven of my sheets and pray for more recovery…”

Kim has spent her life making a difference and she wants to do more! 
Therefore, Kim is donating 5% of all contributions to help Veterans receive treatment at the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute in Louisville, Colorado. Thanks for helping all of them!


She is a friend, teacher, inspirational youth leader, coach and life saver to many people, including me (Jonathan).
Kim wants to live her dream of being of greater service in this world once again and donates her time often. She is determined to continue to be a living example that “no matter what happens to you, you can become better than you’ve ever been.” One of the youth leaders Kim has coached, after hearing Kim’s story, said, “Now I know I can do anything, no matter what I’ve been through, I can do anything too!” 

Kim has rebuilt her body and her life three times. She plans on this car accident being the last one!!! She is still extremely sensitive to sound, light, touch and vibration due to her neurological injuries and continues to have significant cognitive challenges. With your help, she aims to be able to write more best-selling books and recordings, continue her life-changing presentations, workshops and more, along with her dream of doing a Ted Talk.

Kim has made sure that all the therapies we are requesting money for have proven to work for her. She just needs more.

What happened:
Twelve years ago Kim’s life and career were on a phenomenal upswing. Then one morning in fast moving rush hour traffic, everyone came to a stop, except for the one ton commercial truck behind her. Kim’s stopped truck was hit at an estimated 40-50 mph, enough to bend the frame of her truck. She sustained significant head, neck and hip injuries, is still recovering, and is determined to be well! What happened next I think Kim can share best through her story, which she is honored to have as part of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s book “Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries”.  Kim is thankful for the support she received to write this chapter and be able to inspire other people with TBI’s and their care givers.

                               Kim in her ‘brain injury designer wear!’ which includes: noise cancelling
                                  headphones  over sound reducing ear filters, special dark sunglasses
                                        prescribed for her head injury, and a blue headband ice pack.

                                        Kim having a therapy session for her brain and nervous system.

Here are some excerpts from her Chicken Soup for the Soul story entitled “Finding the Glorious”:
“…It felt like being catapulted into a vast sense of nowhere, inner connections shattered. I have been rebuilding ever since. I had to learn how to move, think, feel, behave, and even interpret gravity all over again.

…When you have a brain injury, what you use to interpret the world is not working properly, so you are not able to have an accurate sense of how injured you are. You have no idea—literally, because you don’t have the neural connections to have that idea. You don’t know that there is an issue until it shouts hello from the rooftops of your life through ongoing significant challenges for you and often everyone around you, too. I understand why caregivers I’ve spoken with have said, “It’s like the person disappears.” It is true. You may be there physically, yet the whole you that used to be there can’t show up in this world because you don’t have the wiring to do so, until hopefully, the connections are rebuilt.

When your ability to function collapses around you, you lose your sense of yourself. It is then, amidst the rubble, that you have the opportunity to build a new way of being by choice. It will look and feel different. But, different can be better. What if they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again because they were trying to put him back together like he was, not like he was now designed to be? …

…I had to learn in great part to talk, read and write again. It was two years before I could read a book. I love Maya Angelou’s writing and was drawn to her book Letter to My Daughter…
…A friend of mine told me that before the accident I talked so fast she couldn’t keep up with me; after the accident I spoke so slowly she couldn’t remember what I’d last said.”

Kim does everything she can to make it through with a great sense of humor.  As an entrepreneur for over three decades she is her own financial support. The accident has continually impacted her ability to work, drastically reducing her income. She has paid for everything so far, almost 1 million dollars. In fact, when some people see her today it can be hard to recognize how many challenges she still faces every single day. She is a fighter and urgently needs our support to keep getting better and be the passionate difference maker she is.

She doesn’t respond to drugs very well, so the therapies that help Kim the most are not paid for by insurance.  In her integrity, she has also made sure that the therapies she is asking for help with are ones she has already proven to work for her. These therapies include stem cells ($5-10,000 per treatment) for her hip and her brain and neurofeedback ($85-100 per treatment with 50 more treatments to go) for her brain, sleep, nervous and immune systems. She needs these additional treatments over the next 12-18 months to turn the corner and have a normal and productive life.

Kim feels she is really in the home stretch. She’d love a day without pain. She’d
love a day where she doesn’t have to constantly monitor the amount and kind of sound she is exposed to which still dramatically affects her social life and her life overall. She’s not been able to see many friends or consider the possibility of a life partner. Kim would love to be able to listen to the birds’ sing, to listen to music more than a few minutes at a time and to be able to sing again. Singing is a constant vibration in her head. She can talk and maintain a conversation now. She’s just not able to sing much yet and, having been on stage with roles such as Aldonza in “The Man of La Mancha”, etc… She misses it very much!

                                           Kim as Aldonza (Dulcinea) in “The Man of La Mancha”
                             “She is flamboyant and still flaming in this most excellent portrayal.”

She’d love to be on stage presenting again to inspire audiences to greater heights for themselves and our world. She just needs to be able to have her brain healed enough so it can process the lights on stage, the sounds of an audience and be able to continue giving her powerful presentations.

                                                     Kim with fellow presenter Archbishop Desmond Tutu
                                                                at the Global Healing Conference in Bali.

She’d love to be able to walk for exercise on a regular basis. Her right foot was on the brake when her stopped truck was hit. As a result, her hip developed a number of bone spurs and became bone on bone. With the first stem cell treatment her hip is no longer bone on bone – that has grown back, one of the three bone spurs is gone and the other two have gotten smaller. These improvements have held for two years now. Kim is still in pain daily and is told by her doctors that with a few more stem cell treatments she will see great improvement given her previous results!  She loves to dance and her heart would sing to step out on the dance floor again!

As Kim says, “her business is 'making a difference.'” 


Thanks For Helping Kim Make A Difference in any way you can whether it’s contributing, sharing with others and/or sending healing prayers.

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           Kim with Nour Sleem Sleem fellow presenter at the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, India
                                           “You are a universal gift
! Your magic is like a breeze on the air. 
                                                                We can never get enough of it anywhere!”
                                                                                       – Nour Sleem Sleem