Kim Conrad
  "Change Your Words, Change Your Life"

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Vice Versa Verse
Inspiring Twists on How to View Your Life and Fill Your Soul
(Softcover with CD & Ebook with Audio)
by Chicken Soup for the Soul Contributing author Kim Conrad

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**Looking for new perspectives to empower yourself in situations you are facing?

Searching for new approaches to live your full potential? 
This starts with open minds and hearts which ignites inspiration and inspires new perceptions to guide you on a journey of self-revelation.

Multi-award winning author Kim Conrad offers compelling, powerful and fun insights that include confidence, encouragement, self-appreciation, and empowerment for personal growth and change in the world. It is said Kim’s writing is “like Rumi only roomier!”

This handbook is not only an adventure in self-discovery, it’s dream-promoting, thought-provoking, and a generator of laughter that strikes just the right chords with unique twists and turns to brighten your day.
Kim’s playfulness and artistry with words invites you to look through the other end of your telescope, “think outside of your box”, and even stand on your head to examine things giving you the ability to generate new successes which bring about tangible results such as: better relationships, improved health and greater financial abundance for more ease, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction with life. 

The unexpected bonus of Kim’s 16 track audio CD that accompanies this handbook increases its effectiveness and personal impact of the words, which heightens your experience and access to your own innate wisdom.  Her soothing, melodic voice, which has been called a ‘healing medicine’ ‘reminiscent of Maya Angelou’ is akin to meditation that nurtures and envelopes you in a field of positive transformation.

Kim has been hailed as “a pioneer of language,” with Vice Versa Verse serving as the ultimate anxiety antidote, stress reducer, creator of mental clarity and causative agent for taking effective and compelling actions in your life.

From one reader:  
“I can open it to any page and receive just what I need for that moment.”
Take your next step to experience the transformational effects this book can have on your life. Journey by yourself or gift this book to those you love and unfold your adventures together!

And remember…
“Being brave enough to be ourselves, we become someone else's unintended hero. And, in so doing we become our own!”
- Kim Conrad, “Vice Versa Verse”

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Softcover Book
Comes with a CD of 16 audio recordings performed by the author

5.5 x 8.5 - 120 pages + CD
ISBN  978-0-9905125-0-9 

eBook - Includes 16 audio recordings performed by the author
ISBN 978-0-9905125-2-3
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